Config Check interval for local checks

Hello, In my service a new local check has been configured for the user monitoring in RDS, for the correct monitoring we need a check interval every minute.
As the check takes too long it was configured asynchronously and so everything works correctly, now to try to configure the interval I tried to configure the file “check_mk.user. yml” both in “\Programdata checkmk agent” and in “Program Files (x86)\checkmk service”, the parameter I tried to configure is “cache_age” because I understood that if the output is valid for 60 seconds it would check again, try to configure through WATO the “Normal Check Interval”, I came to the conclusion that this parameter only works with the service “Check_mk” and its derivatives as “Checkmk inventory” etc. …
After testing and testing, setting parameters in WATO as in “check_mk.user.yml” I could not get this service to run every minute as I need.
I also tried to configure the services of the checkmk services such as the CPU and RAM service and it does not perform the desired interval either.

Has anyone had the same thing happen to you and did you manage to do it?
Am I missing some parameter to configure?

thank you very much in advance

best regards

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