Configuration of RTA-Graphs

Hi all,

I’ve got a question regarding RTA-Graphs.

Out colleague wants to have the RTA-Graphs-Icon displayed for every host in the same folder.
Some hosts got the icon and the graphs, some don’t.

I think it has to do something with the host configuration. Some have their FQDN as Hostname + their IPv4 address configured and they have their graph. But some have also FQDN + IPv4 address configured and they don’t have the graphs.
Some have just “a name” as Hostname but their FQDN as “IPv4 Address” configured and they have their graphs. Some have just their FQDN as hostname and don’t have the graphs. But most hosts with their FQDN as Hostname have the graphs.

I couldn’t find an explanation for this in the docs or werks (or I searched in the wrong places).
I’ve attached a screenshot of the folder. There you can see that just a couple of graph-icons are displayed.

If someone has an idea of how to solve this it would be great!

Best Regards