Configuring Clustered services for DB2 HADR / mk_db2


we have some DB2 HADR (High availability disaster recovery) database servers which we want to monitor with mk_db2.aix.

Since DB2 HADR has one active and one passive Instance, not all of the mk_db2 services will work on the passive Instance.

But we can assign these services to a cluster host via the “Clustered services” rule.

Has someone already done this and can tell us which services we should assign to the “Clustered services” rule?

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Hi Thomas,

We’ve defined all services with the description DB2\b (i.e. everything that starts with the word DB2) as clustered services. It works great. We don’t use AIX, though.

For HADR, there is no standard check so we wrote one on our own (incl. agent plugin). This HADR check is not clustered in our case. But it works perfectly on the single nodes. One says Role: STANDBY and the other one says Role: PRIMARY (beyond other things). We didn’t make our HADR check cluster-aware.


EDIT: Our custom HADR check does not start with DB2\b so it is (intentionally) ignored by the above mentioned rule.

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