Correct your help about running Linux plugins asynchronously


The monitoring Linux guide states that

a subdirectory in plugins whose name is a numeric: representing a count of seconds

But in WATO - Configuration > Monitoring Agents > Agent files > Linux/Unix Agents - Plugins > README you can read:

If you want a plugin to be run asynchronously and also in
a larger interval then the normal check interval, then you can
copy it to a subdirectory named after a number of *minutes*,


In that case the agent will:

 - Run this plugin in the background and wait not for it to finish.
 - Store the result of the plugin in a cache file below /etc/check_mk/cache.
 - Use that file for one hour before running the script again.

Which is undoubtedly wrong. Please correct.

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Since this is a community forum, you might want to report this to instead.

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Hi @JDamian, thanks for letting us know!

Sorry for the delay on this one, still recovering from the conference :wink: . The correction will be live soon. :smile:

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