Create monitoring template for bulk discovered hosts or folders those hosts are put in?

I’ve been looking online and maybe I’m just not slowing down enough but I was hoping there would be a feature where I could either a) take the items being monitored off one host and create a template to apply to either a folder of hosts or newly discovered hosts? If not that how would I go about creating a custom template from scratch. I want to scale down whats being monitored so its not as noisy and I didnt think doing it on each individual host made sense. I’m new to this so if if I missed this info somewhere go easy on me.

You can accomplish this by creating a bunch of Host Tags.
Then, inside the rules section you can create rules with those Host Tags as Conditions

An easy example:

  • Create a Host Tag called Operating System with values Linux, Windows, etc.
  • Create a rule like Check connection to TCP port, eg. 3389 and choose Operating System is Windows

All hosts with Host Tag Windows will now get this service. Additionally, you can combine the Host Tags with folders, so all you need to do is place a host inside a certain folder.

Last but not least, there should now be something like Predefined Conditions where you could achieve something similar, but I didn’t try out this new feature myself yet.

PS: There are two rules which are called:

  • Disabled Checks
  • Disabled Services

which you can find in the Host & Service Parameters section of WATO.

Thanks. I also found another way as well that works. Sorry for the slow update from me.

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