Creating a new site on the Checkmk virtual Appliance fails


This is the error I get hit with when trying to create a clean, new site on a virtual appliance.
The facts:

  • Checkmk: 2.0.0p9.cme
  • Appliance: 1.4.16

I checked the filesystem and there are definetively no file present prior to creating the new site via Webconf.

What I get after going back from the error page is this:

After pressing Migrate data I get the following:

After refreshing the page after some minutes I get this:

When I start that site it seems to work flawlessly as far as I can tell currently.

Can anyone tell what this is and if there are any drawbacks on using a site created like this?

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I got this also on a fresh appliance installation at customer site.

  • creating a site on the command line of the appliance works without any error message. But the site management also wants to migrate it.
  • starting the site (via web or cmdline) works and the button “migrate data” disappears during the site is running. Once stopped, the migration for a site is again suggested.

=> Tribes, it would be great to know what is happening here. Even if the site after the “migration” (?) works, it’s not trustworthy at all to get error messages … :slight_smile:



I can also confirm that this “bug” exists since some time.

@andreas-doehler Thanks for the information. I guess then, “migrating” the data and going on is without any risk?

I got a site up and running flawlessly for over a month now after this “buggy” site creation.

Seems to be a problem since version 2.0.0p8.
We already opened an internal ticket and will investigate shortly


The sites i had with this message are running without problem after using the migrate function.

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