Critical alerts during off hours support


I am trying to setup email notifications for specific hosts and services to notify only on critical alerts from midnight to 9am. Is there a simple way to identify/tag only specific services to alert during this period? (for example, no need to alert NTP, CPU load/Util, etc…) during the off-hours support. We have over 800 hosts (+15,000 services). We are running CEE v1.60p17.


Hello @Hank91,

you could implement this for example with creating a time period for midnight to 9am, a service group for the services you want to alert (or don’t want to alert) in this time and a notification-rule that matches the time period and service group. In the conditions for the notification-rule you can also exclude services, so if the list of services you don’t want to send notifications for is not that long you may not need to create a service group. This are also other ways like service labels or service levels with which this could be achieved. But the general rule would be to create a time period and a notification rule with the corresponding conditions for time period and services.
Have a look here:

Hope this helps.


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Thank you Lorenz!
Excellent links provided. I will definitely have a look. Much appreciated.