Custom icon with rule based url

Hi there,

based on another troubleshooting topic where you have been a great help, I have a following problem:

Simply said: I want to change the icon for documentation of services from the current document to e.g. a star (or create a star icon with an URL based on a rule).

For that I have already followed the instructions on how to add your own icon in the manual. I have uploaded an icon, defined an action for the icon and assigned it to a service.

So far, I have only managed to add rules for icons and not added icons for rules. If I want the same icon to appear with different URL, do I need to create a different icon for every unique URL?

rule 1: If service name begins with XYZ (i.e. " XYZ.* ") there should appear a star icon with a link to URL1
rule 2: If service name begins with XZZ (i.e. " XZZ.* ") there should also appear a star icon with a link to URL2

I hope this is clear. Thanks again for your help!


I’m not an expert in icons and how to set them but your regular expressions don’t express what you intend:

  • XYZ* means: letter X, followed by letter Y, followed by an arbitrary number of Zs (including none). It matches hostnames starting with XY, XYZ, XYabc.
  • XZZ* is similar. It matches hostnames starting with XZ. Like XZZ, XZabc, etc.

You simply want XYZ and XZZ because the regexes already match from the start and don’t have to match the complete hostname. For a complete matching you would write XYZ.* (start with XYZ, followed by 0…n arbitrary characters).

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Thank you Dirk for the comment. I edited my post according to your answer.

However, this leaves the original question open.

Maybe I can rephrase it to make it easier to understand:
Is it possible to add an icon (incl. an URL) to a a service rule other than uploading an icon (with a specific URL) in the first place?