Custom Script Detection for notifications

I have a custom Perl script to run on checkmk 2.0.0. I have placed it in the folder “local/share/check_mk/notifications” and I have made it executable.

However, when I customize my custom notification, I fail to get the script to work. Is there a debug switch for debugging why it is not autodetecting in the folder?

A bit less information. Please describe what exactly you do and what fails.

Hi @mike1098

Sorry for the duplicate thread. A quick summary, I have a Perl script for sending SMS messages using the SMSC. I installed the script in /opt/omd/sites/mysite/local/share/check_mk/notifications/ folder.

Initially the script is has “#!/usr/bin/perl” in the first line but when I go to Setup > Events > Notifications I am unable to find my notification script in the drop down menu as seen below.


I updated the script and changed it to “#!/usr/bin/env perl” as you suggested in the other thread. But I still do not find my custom Perl notification script from the drop down list.

After the shebang you need to add the title of your script:

# My nice notification script

Thank you @mike1098. This solves my problem. I have marked this as a solution.

Now to move on and configure via the GUI. I am so close to the finish.

You set your own post to solved and not mine:

Hi @mike1098 my apologies.

I have now corrected this and set your answer in this thread to the solution. It works well for me.

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