Custom Service Description


I am currently testing checkmk and I like it a lot! There is one thing that I just can’t figure out. How do I change the Service Desciption to be more meaningful?

i.e. I want “Interface 02” to read "Interface 02 (WAN)

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

For the interface checks you have the possibility to define what is used as the interface name. In your case it uses the interface index.
You can modify the rule or create a rule “Network interface and switch port discovery”.
There you find the option.


I have found that section in “setup”, but where do I set the actual “alias”? :sweat_smile:

This can only be done on the device. If it is a Linux or Windows server then the interface name is inside the description. Most network devices have the configured name if you use the alias.

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Hmm… so it is not possible to set an Alias/rename “Interface 02” inside of checkmk so that it reads i.e. “WAN (Interface 02)” in all screens?

I am surprised that this is not possible - I thought that this is a kinda basic feature to make the collected datapoints clear. O.o

Sadly I can’t change anything about the “Interface 02” name on the server as the Untangle NG Firewall does not provide that functionality - in Untangle the interface “eth0” is actually called “External” (!?) - why this turns into “Interface 02” through SNMP I do not know. :frowning:

I’d really like to be able to do that kind of customization inside of checkmk, I am sad that this is not possible.

Thank’s again for your reply!

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probably you can set a custom graph - if its a hand full graphs, ok, but if it will be on dozent of hosts and interface :frowning:

But I agree with your expectations - renaming titles on an easy and simple way should be possible.


I guess what you are looking for is the rule " [Translation of service descriptions]".
Here you could form your service descriptions as you like.
You could use regex match groups and reuse the content from the matching group in the replacing description with \1, \2 etc.
Open the inline help with the book at the upper right corner for more help.



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