Dashboard - how to create it?

Hi there :slight_smile:

As first time user, we are running lot of try and test on our system before buying entreprise edition, everything sound good, but i’m currently stuck at dashboard creation.

i didn’t find anything to help in the documentation (maybe i’ve missed it ?)

So, i’m trying to create a dashboard to have a quick and global view on some particular thing (like, having all cpu state or all printer cartridge state, …)

To start, i’ve create a search based on some tag i’ve put (on printer for sample), and get a nice overview of all printers with a lot of informations.

How could i apply some filter to this, having only printername, status and toner status for example ?

I probably missed an option somewhere, but definetely i didn’t see where :frowning:

Hoping that someone could help me to start with this ?

Have a nice day

You must select the columns you want to appear when you’re creating the dashboard.
For instance select the hostname or service check.
You can start with something like this and then customize for your needs.


On every page you can click the button with the 3 dots:


and then you can select Edit View to customize everything according to your personal preferences.

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