DCD log lines overflow


I’m currently struggling with reading the debug logs of a DCD connection in the web UI (version 2.0.0p17).

For debugging reasons I’m running with log level DEBUG set for general and web API messages which leads to some very long lines.

When checking the execution history of the connection and expanding the phases’ messages there is no way to properly navigate the space.
The log box overflows my visible space (Firefox dev tools show me a width of 5371120px for the pre element which is quite large even for modern monitors :wink: ).
There are no scrollbars for the X axis.

I’d suggest:

  • Making scroll bars on the X axis available (they seem to be only set for Y axis in CSS)
  • Correct the overflow settings of the corresponding HTML elements so that longer text is line-wrapped for better readabilty
  • Add an indicator if line-wrapping appears to make it easy for a human to see where something was wrapped

As a workaround I set a fixed width (i.e. 600px) on the pre element (through Firefox dev tools) and am able to properly navigate the log.