December Community Call: Creating Dashboards in Checkmk 2.0 | 8th December 2021

8th December 2021 | 18:00 CET / 12:00 EST | Timezone converter | YouTube livestream

Hello Checkmk Community!

Let’s meet again for a Community Call to learn how more about creating your own dashboards in Checkmk 2.0. This time, @marcel.arentz will show us the ways you can build your own and answer your questions along the way.

If you have any demo requests or questions, simply reply to this post and we’ll try to accommodate them in the agenda.

See you there!


Hi! I would like to have an overview of all customers systems. I saw it once made with PRTG - it’s like concentric circles. On the outside there are the hosts, next circle to the inside was grouped like Windows/Network/etc. Next smaller circle - I can’t remember, maybe city. The most inner circle were the customers name. Normal all circles are green with black borders between hosts/groups/cities/customers.
So: If a host fails / has problems, it will be displayed in red or yellow and the corresponding group and customer as well.
I liked it a lot, because with just a short wink, you see “all good everywhere”. And if there is an issue, it’s immediately obvious what (Windows/Network) and where Hamburg/Frankfurt/Munich and the customers name. So it’s really easy to inform the appropriate technician and call the customer.
I tried to do something similar with Dashboards, but there is always to much additional information, which needs a lot of space on the screen.

Attended this today and I am thankful for that.
Marcel, thanks for the awesome demo over the session and taking questions.

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Sorry, that I could not cover this topic in the today’s session. This more of a BI-topic. So if you want to display this kind of data in Checkmk, you should consider using the BI. You can tweak the visualization options of an aggregation to get a quite similar result as you mentioned from PRTG.
But to get a pro in Checkmk BI, it needs some more than a live session. Our BI module is quite powerful if used correctly. But it needs to rethink some of your habits, as it makes a lot of things different to achieve this power.

@ahanjrah Thank you very much. It was fun, and it was my hope, that you all will benefit from this session!

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Thanks to everyone who joined us yesterday! Here’s the recording of the call.