Define 'contact group' in 'LDAP Connection"

Currently, to associate “contact groups” with LDAP groups, they must both use the same name. (Contact Group name, and LDAP conical name)

My issue, is that the LDAP groups are already defined (with spaces) and the contact group name cannot include spaces.

It would be nice to break this association, and specify the ‘contact group’ in the LDAP Connection configuration.

Contactgroup Membership handle like Roles @Attribute Sync Plugins in LDAP Connections ???

Will be very usefull !!!

Also the Start URL to display in main frame

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I have the same problem with the space in the AD group name. Please allow spaces or use the alias for the evaluation. Also a association in the DLAP Connection config would be nice.

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Moved this here: User Suggestions - Checkmk