Defining witch service to monitor based on host tags

We are trying to minimize the amount of service been monitored.
Currently, we are just accepting all the service been picked up by the auto-discovery.

We have now come up with a list of service that we would like to monitor on a default windows server with no other roles and services installed.

Can we apply any kind of rules to make all our servers that is tagged with the host tag Windows, only have these services?

And we would then have a custom host tag where we can define the role of the server ie. AD, DNS, DHCP, Citrix Xenapp and others.

There we would also have new services, that needs to be monitored.

How would we implement this in our setup?

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Use the “Disabled services” ruleset for that.

Create a last generic rule that disables all services and insert other rules before that do not disable your desired services.


What r.sander says :slight_smile:
We have 21500 devices which are classified by a big bunch of custom tags.
This is location, country, type of device, switchport count, manufacturer, type of application/webserver/database, type of OS (Windows, Linux…) etcetc…
And only with those tags we enable/disable checks and services and peridic service discovery. No rules in folders and subfolders.
Activation takes a long time now but the is portable to other instances :wink:

BR Thomas

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