Dell Storage Manager API check not returning data

CMK version: 2.0.0p5
OS version: Ubuntu 20.10

I am trying to use the Dell Storage Manager API check.

I have configured a Reporter user in Dell Storage Manager/Unisphere Central and mapped a Storage Center to the user.

I have set the URL to, the username and password and also mapped the rule to the Dell Storage Manager server.

When I create a new host for the Dell Storage Manager server, set the agent check to "Integration, then agent’ the connection test returns all the data for the Storage Center mapped to the user in the Agent window.

But when I do a full service scan it only returns one entry for " [Dell Storage API] EnterpriseManager v20.1.1.716

So I know the agent is configured correctly and can read the REST API but it’s not returning all of the data in the service scan.

Short question. What integration is this you try to use.
Beside this you can do the following test first.
On the command line as site user do a “cmk -D storagecentername”
The shown command you can run as site user manually. Is this returning some data that looks like valid data?

Actually, I got it figured out…I forgot that you need to create a host for the Storage Center server and set it to use piggyback data which is gathered by the Dell Storage Manager check.