Developer guide for Wato notification plugin elements


I’ve created my own notification plugin for checkmk and trying to create a Wato plugin definition for the notification plugin. So far it works quite well. I’ve done that with register_notification_parameters.

But I was wondering if there is a developer guide for the wato definitions. So far I did not find any, but only examples on GitHub, Also I’m looking at the checkmk source constantly and found that register_notification_parameters is kept for 1.6 plugin compatibility. Is there a new method I should use or is it still good for use? Like I said: A link to a dev guide would be great. :wink:

If it is not clear by now python is completely new to me…


If i see it correctly inside the 2.1 source it has not changed too much.

class NotificationParameterMail(NotificationParameter):

A good basis for own notification gui plugins is the file “~/lib/check_mk/gui/plugins/wato/”

Thanks. That file already helped me a lot so far.
So I guess there are no further docs on that matter? I found the help for writing your own check plugin but it doesn’t cover the GUI enough for my state of knowledge on python.

I just tried the plugin in an 1.6 docker, but it fails with ‘cannot import name TextInput’.
So what would be great for starters is an overview of the elements you can use and see in what version they are available.

Also, can you tell me if it is still safe to use the register_notification_parameters? Like I said I found a comment in the source about 1.6 compatibility. So is this the old way of describing the UI?