Difference in Systemd Service Summary output, between 2.0 and 2.1 versions

I am using 2.0.p22 as production monitor and am testing 2.1.p10 on my test machine.
First thing that I have noticed is that [Systemd Service Summary] is different for the same machine.

Monitoring the production machine from the OMD site sunning on it - I have:
Total: 129, Disabled: 3, Failed: 0

Monitoring the production machine from testing machine I have:
Total: 153, Disabled: 3, Failed: 1, 1 static service failed (fwupd-refresh)CRIT

The worrying detail is that fwupd-refresh is really in failed state, which production OMD fails to see (on itself).

TBH i doubt you’re monitoring the same machine. It’s off by 24 services…

Well… IPv4 address is the same :slight_smile:

The finding is correct. The 2.0 check ignored all entries starting with a :black_circle:
Now the 2.1 check is also using these.

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Thank you Andreas,
Didn’t know that.

Any idea about failed fwupd-refresh?
Maybe it should fail since the machine runs in clud?

This failed service i have also on some machines.
You can check with

sudo /usr/bin/fwupdmgr refresh

If this gives no error all should be fine.

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Thanks again :slight_smile:

It returns:


WARNING: UEFI firmware can not be updated in legacy BIOS mode


But I presume it is OK for my case.