Disable transparency in graph prieview

I have installed the new check_mk 2.0 and now the graph prieviews are transperent. But so i cant see anything. Is it possible to disable the transperency?

At my system it is not transparent but with the same color as the normal background.
The contrast is not very high that is correct.
Can give a small example with the graphs? If there is an UX bug i think @martin.hirschvogel can forward this to the responsible persons.


Ok this is strange - something for @martin.hirschvogel :slight_smile:

I have tested it on different Browsers on Windows,Linux and MAC

I have the same problem. Looks like this:


This is an example from one of my tests.

Is it RAW or Enterprise edition?

I have forwarded it to the devs

we have the same problem:

We use raw version.


I think it is already worked on. All the other small reported problems have “Werks” already and should be fixed in p1.

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That’s the fix to my reported problem with the availability view :slight_smile:

Will be fixed with werk #12532 in 2.0.0p1


Thank you for the fast fix!
Is there a date when p1 would ber released ?

Today it was released :slight_smile:

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It’s ok now, thanks a lot.