Disabling checks on random machines

Hi List,

Is there a option, where we can disable a check on a random machines.
We have approx. 8000+ VM’s.
Tried applying regex for the VM’s but check is getting disabled on the VM’s where it is working as expected.
Tried to group the VM’s and apply the check but it is not common for particular OS or same format.

Could you please help me on this.


is it possible to organise the VMs in folders and using the config for folders?


Thanks. Yes the VM’s are already in folder.

We have created different folder based on the departments we have. And the issue VM’s are from all the folder. Again this is not on all the VM’s only some VM’s from each folder.

Is it possible to use sub-folders to sort the VMs?


I’m not sure how to do it with a single rule matching all unless you do the following.

  1. Create a Host Tag specific for this.
  2. Create the rule to disable the check you require.
  3. Set the host tag as an condition for matching the rule.
  4. Assign host tag to required Hosts(Your VM’s) in CMK, so they will match the rule to disable the check.

4a. You can filter on the problem service to identify the hosts which need the host tag.
s: For example: “s: check_mk Agent” or: “s: check_mk$” or “s: check_mk” or “s: *.MK” or “s: *.MK”
You can put this in the quicksearch. the wildcard character *. is not needed at the end. The $ tells CMK that the search has to exactly match.

After the search you can filter using the magnifier on top to limit your results to warnings and criticals for example. You can even filter specific values in your status details.

There might be an easier way to get there, but I’m not aware of it right now.


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Thanks Erik for the response.

But again when we try to disable the check on the VM’s it is disabling it on the VM’s where it should not.
Scenario is this Filesystem /local check is not required to be deleted on all VM’s but only on which it went to unknown state.

Thanks, Praveen.

Hi Praveen,

That’s why you use the host tag.
On the ruleset you specify the specific host tag as an condition. And you specify it on the hosts where the ruleset should be applied to.

Take a look at this page if you need more information: Host Tags Explained

If you need more information or help, let me know!


Why don’t you run a lq to gather which hosts have that service in unknown and based on that you either choose to edit/create a rule to disable or you create a simple script to increment those hosts on the rules.mk