Discourse feature: "saved searches" & notification

Hi tribes,

I would like to track the forum for questions about robotmk to assist users quickly in this topic.

Somehow I miss a way that I can get a notification if there is a question related to the term “robotmk”.
I found a plugin for discourse which allows users to save searches and to get notified when a search matches.

What do you think about adding this feature?
Or any other proposal how the forum could be tracked? (No, I don’t want to automate this with Robot Framework :wink: )


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Hey Simon,

Really sorry, this fell through the cracks. Moved this to the Meta category now.

We’ll evaluate how this works and install this plugin, since in general it might also be useful for other people. Thanks for the suggestion!

Just for an additional hint: Other than this, another option is to ‘Watch’ tags. But it’s not perfect as people has to assign tags. (Can also be automated, but will always require admin intervention to set that up for certain keywords)


Hi Faye,
no worries. Glad to hear that you will evaluate this feature.
Thanks & regards,