Discuss the Checkmk 2022 Conference agenda

Hello everyone!

From the feedback we got last year, we decided to make this year’s Checkmk Conference (May 03-05) physical again, with the opportunity to join remotely. To make sure that you can make the most out of your time at #cmkconf8, we invite you to be involved in forming the conference agenda. Join the discussion here.

On top of our standard program, we are allocating slots for topics of your choice. We will also accept proposals from those who want to become a speaker in the conference.

A picture speaks more than a thousand words: thus here is the preliminary agenda visualized:

Share your feedback with us!

1. What further topics would you like to see in the agenda? Reply to this post with your suggestions.

2. Want to submit a talk for the conference? Got an idea that you want to pitch? Fill out this form here. If your talk proposal is selected, you’ll get the perks of a conference speaker! You will be provided with a free ticket to the conference and accommodation in Munich.

Submitting a talk for the conference

If you are interested in applying as a speaker to the conference, here are some guidelines.

  • Duration: 15 minutes. Need more time? Let us know in your submission.
  • Topic: Anything that you think would be interesting to your fellow Checkmk users. :wink: This includes sharing a story on how you solved a problem in your infrastructure using Checkmk, your Checkmk use case, your tips and tricks, how you built your Checkmk setup, etc.

You can submit your talk using this form.

Please also share with us your general feedback around this year’s conference plan. We are looking forward to hearing your thoughts!



What’s the question format going to be like?
People walking around with microphones on site, or all in one online plattform incl. votes for the most popular questions? (Hoping for the second, would give the online participants the same chance and ensures the most relevant questions are answered)
The last conferences (especially partner conferences) always seemed to go over time - is there some buffer in the time slots for each topic?

Regardings topics: seems like a good mix already. Maybe the 30 minutes for the roadmap can be expanded? that seems like it could be a little to top-level?

I always liked it when you use the conference to get votes on roadmap items or GUI decisions - but maybe the agenda item “influencing checkmk development” solves that in a more general way.

I looked into the description for “Observability with Cmk” on Checkmk Conference #8 [03.-05. May 2022] and I’m missing a sub-topic here: dependencies between services in Checkmk. With more complex setups be it on premise or in the cloud and smaller services, it also becomes more interesting to not only include host but also service dependencies - is that still part of the Checkmk roadmap?

The “Observability with Checkmk” slot is about the Checkmk integrations with other tools in this market, as we deliver it as part of Checkmk 2.1
Dependencies are a topic for future releases. I would be interested to learn, what you want to achieve with dependencies. In discussion with various customers, I have got different answers to this question :slight_smile:

Hi @gstolz, thanks for sharing your feedback with us! The interaction is planned combined with everyone, indeed :slightly_smiling_face: Most likely the people on-site will have more options though because they are with us and the developers at the location and can take action on another level. Anyway, there will be dedicated time for interaction in several sessions and not just during the roadmap, but we will think about extending it, thanks for the contribution!

From the previous remote conferences i observed a lot of question to the speakers which could easily answered by the community and are also relevant to new customers, product interested parties or general to all. Maybe there is the possibility to transfer some of these questions to the forum and let help some long term experts and include the community much more. This could be also a way to bring on-site people and remote participants closer together.


Hello everyone,

While I understand the wish - and am in favour of it, too - to have a mainly
physical event - people need other people after all - I’d like to point out
that it won’t be possible for everyone to attend, for numerous reasons.

I, for example, will not make it to Munich this year: Everything
is still “too much in flux”, to be able to travel in May. I could
imagine that others, won’t make it to the live event, too.

Having the “free livestream” option is surely a viable alternative, but
at the same time, people who won’t be able to be physically present, won’t have
a chance to take part in a workshop, or get a goodie bag. So: no T-Shirt…:frowning:

Last year , one could also virtually attend a workshop, which was of course paid. I’d
gladly pay for a workshop and a goodie bag this year, too, provided there were
such an alternative.

Has tribe29 perhaps thought about such an alternative attendance scenario, or
is this out of the question for this year?


Hi @tosch, hi @openmindz,

Thanks so much for sharing your perspectives!

While focusing on a physical conference we will optimize the virtual path as much as possible. Pollings will be available for both online and offline participants, for example. Thanks for the idea of making use of the forum.
Besides, after lots of internal discussions, we will not offer paid online packages which could be changed in the upcoming years. For 2022 however, the on-site event is our main focus to get together at least part of the Checkmk Community again in person.

Let us know if you have additional feedback on the agenda :slight_smile:

All the best,

I can share some topics that play for me and maybe interesting for other people.

  1. Piggyback data in distributed environment
    1.1 Documentation mention this topic, but maybe checkmk/ community or other people can show how/would they solve this problem. Of getting all the piggyback data to all other CheckMK sites. Waiting that this will change or rsync data has it draw back.
  2. From functional question to Technical Business Intelligence (BI) design
    2.1. I got functional question from other people and managers: I want capacity overview of the hole platform or see the health of customer application in one overview. Then BI is they way to go in combination with a dashboard. But I’m just beginning with this, maybe share how to start with BI. From something functional to technical design. We can start about maybe sharing BI idea’s.
  3. Hidden gems in core statistics in distributed environment
    3.1. When using CheckMK with micro core and version 2. More statistics become available through “Analyze configuration”. Maybe idea to talk about indication, what check type are there, why is usage so high and changing number to get maximum/best performance out of you CheckMK

ps loved the video on dashboard. Hope sharing of dashboard will become a thing
ps ps I will join online not in person :wink:

Hi @keylane_sbaas, thanks for sharing your ideas! I forwarded them all to the team working on the agenda and the talks. Happy to have you onboard, even if it is just virtual this time :wink:

ps thanks also for the nice feedback on this particular episode with Mathias!

Thank you so much everyone for sharing. The agenda is now almost set and will be updated on our conference website page soon, stay tuned! We hope to see many of you in Munich on May 3-4.