Distributed Monitoring: Host via HTTP-API hinzufügen


ich versuche in meinem distributed monitoring setup hosts via ansible hinzuzufügen. Dazu verwende ich die (alte) HTTP-Api. In CheckMk-Versionen < 2.0 musste ich dafür prinzip-bedingt mit dem Master CheckMk reden. Das war ziemlich blöd, weil ich netzwerk-technisch meist nur Zugang zum entsprechenden Satellite CheckMk hatte. Jetzt will ich rausfinden, ob das mit neueren CheckMk Versionen evtl. besser funktioniert.

Ich habe das viel-versprechende gobal setting Connection to the Web API gefunden. Da kann ich unter ‘Remote site URL’ die URL von meinem Master hinterlegen. Der Hilfetext dazu sagt

Site base URL for accessing the Web API to e.g. create hosts

Leider funktioniert es nicht. Wenn ich mit der Web-Api des Satellites rede, werden die hosts nach-wie-vor nur dort angelegt, aber nicht auf dem Master.

Verstehe ich was falsch? Ist dieses Setting gar nicht für diesen Zweck gedacht? Oder mache ich was falsch?

Es wär schön, wenn mir da jemand helfen könnte.


This is a setting for the dynamic configuration daemon for the dynamic host management and has to be changed only when there is a different “automation” account necessary.

You always have to talk with the central web API when making changes. The sites to not communicate in this way.

Hi Robert,

thanks for the answer. I hoped this changed meanwhile. A year or more ago the CheckMk support told me that the next version (2.0) of CheckMk will have this feature.

Do you know if it is possible to download a bakery agent from a satellite? There is the setting “Connection to remote agent bakery” that seems to facilitate this. But again I’m not sure if I got that right.

Actually it should be possible to setup the apache of my satellite server as a proxy for the master server when accessing the api URL. Unfortunately my knowlege about apache is quite limited. Do you know if there is a example configuration around for this case? (Maybe I will create a new thread for this question)


PS: very often when I post a question in a forum (topics are usually CheckMk or ceph) it’s you to answer :wink: You seem to be very active…

Yes, this is possible. The remote sites now work as a proxy for the central bakery.

Hi Robert,
I might be missing something, but am having a tough time following the docs around remote sites, pulling the update agents as a proxy part, I have read and read the docs, this might be a good spot to put some examples on the docs.
I have a central site, which can see the remote, the remote can see the central, but the monitored boxes can only see the remote site, not all the way up the pipe to the central.
Therefore do I put the remote site url as the “Connection to remote agent bakery”, which in turn would “foward” that to the central site ?

Just leaving this here. :upside_down_face:

@Approyocto take a look at this, it might help you.

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