Distributed monitoring - which ports are used


are there anywhere specified which ports are used with Distributed monitoring to get all features working as they should? In our enviornment we have setup where there is no chance to direct network connect between main instance and satellite, there are two jumps in between, where iptables forwarding & dnat is used.

CMK → server1 → server2 → satellite → hosts

where CMK sees only server1, server1 sees only server2, server2 sees only satellite.

With try & error and tcpdump I was able to find out which ports to configure into iptables, but I would like to know the exact port list. Just to make sure.

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Hi @marbaa,
here we have an overview about all our mandatory ports Which network ports are used by Checkmk services? - Checkmk Knowledge Base - Checkmk Knowledge Base



Wow, never saw this Knowledge page. Thanks.

Interesting page, thank you!

One small addition: the port for monitoring the management board with IPMI is missing.

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