Documentation - Host with only active checks

I have a host with only active checks. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out why they didn’t appear in the services list. Finally, I found out that I had to configure this rule:

Host & Service Parameters → Used rulesets → Host Check Command → “Always assume host to be up”

I couldn’t find this in documentation and would like to suggest to add this.

That’s strange, if you configure your host as “no agent” and “no snmp” it first gets a ping service as the only service. If you now assign active checks for this host you will get the active checks instead of the ping service. The normal host check command should have no influence in this behaviour.
The only possible reason can be that the host check command was set before to the check_mk agent status. As this host has no check_mk agent it is possible that this leads to a strange side effect.

Maybe something related to the fact that I’m editing to add active checks? I had to add 10 so it was easier to change the file instead of using the web ui.

My procedure:

  • Add host (all default except IPv4 Address 127.0.01, No agent)
  • Add my rules in (inside ‘active_checks[‘http’] = [’)
  • WATO → Hosts → MyHost-> Services

Here it appears but in VIEWS, nothing.

  • Add “Always assume host to be up”
  • WATO → Hosts → MyHost-> Services

Now appears in VIEWS.