Does checkmk have any config standards for snmp v3?

Hi All,

We need to add SNMPV3 device into Check_MK monitoring. Do you have any config standards for snmp v3 such as username password length, encryption parameters aes-128 from Tools perspective? Also for config backup do you require user account? using 2.0.0p20 version

You can set the SNMPv3 credentials in the host properties.

I do not understand the question. Backups of checkmk sites can be made with omd backup.

Hi Sander,

Do we have any standards like username and password length?

Enforcing a certain password length would be the task of the SNMP device.
Checkmk is only using the credentials to access it.

i meant that if we have to take a config backup for this device. Do we require the user account which we are setting for the snmp?

Checkmk is using SNMP to monitor devices, not to take backups of their config.
But maybe I misunderstand your question.