Download_agent_output for "user" profiles

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We want to allow our monitoring operators to read the agent output from CMK agents, but we don’t want to grant any upper permissions to them, only the posibility to read the outputs.
The main purpose is to avoid some alerts while we continue the migration from Nagios to CMK. Nagios are raising some false alerts and this is a legacy system, we are working in favor of CMK.
This will be temporal, but in the meantime, this option can help us to avoid any false alerts in the near future.

Is this can being possible?
If so, how we can configure a new “user” role with this option enabled?
We are using CMK 2.1.0p9 RAW.



this is quite easy.
Clone the monitoring user role, edit the role permissions, allow “Download Agent Output”…
In the configuration of the user you can choose the new role or synch the roles via LDAP.

Thanks for your answer.
I applied your suggestion (except for LDAP because we don’t use LDAP), along with the creation of a temporaly user with a specific role only to do this.


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