Download Check-MK 2.3p3 for Ubuntu 24.04 not available

Hello Check MK Team,

We currently want to update our Ubuntu version 23.04. to 24.04 LTS. Currently I can’t find a Check MK download file for Ubuntu 24.04. Does the Check MK file 22.04 also work for 24.04?

When can I expect the download

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Hi A. Lintow,
today CI announced internally that packages will be build at least for v2.2 and v2.3. Thus you’ll need to wait to the next patch release.
Which version of Checkmk do you currently use?
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Hello Dennis,

We are currently still running Check MK in 2.2p18 for Ubuntu 23.04. We could upgrade to 24.04 LTS, but then I have the problem with the backup of CheckMK, in addition the current release for 24.04 is still missing.

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First you need to upgrade to 23.10 to get the actual CMK release.

Next patch release should have a build available for 24.04.

Hello everyone,

is there already a new status regarding the availability of Ubuntu 24.04 release for Check MK?

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2.3 is available for 24.04 since last week.
I don’t know if there is a 2.2 release planned for 24.04.
In your case I would do a update to the latest 2.2 available for 23.04
Make a backup of your site, install Ubuntu 22.04, restore the backup, upgrade to 2.3, backup site, restore backup on 24.04
It is every time a bag idea to use non LTS versions for server systems.

Is this patch official released?
Because i can’t find anthing on Download Checkmk for free | Checkmk related to ubuntu 24.04 and checkmk 2.3
There is only v2.2 with ubuntu 22 selectable for download

Strange there was last week also downloads for 2.3 with 24.04.
But if you try a link like this.


Then it will work.
2.2 self written link


is also working


the selection for Ubuntu 24.04 has been added and you can now choose it like any other supported distro.



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