Edit views vs roles & permissions

Hi all,

I’ve created some new views(edit_views.py) for testing proposes and then I’ve deleted them. Meantime I can found them in the roles & permissions(edit_role) when I try to create a new role.

These views do not exist anymore, but they are still shown in the roles. How can I clean them in order to have them not showing, since I’ve deleted them.


Another doubt that I’ve is, what does it means in “Roles & Permissions” the amount of Modifications and how can we reset them?

First for this question. Is this view really not existing anymore? I mean if someone cloned the view then it is existing in the system but not in your context.

The modifications are the number of changes done compared to the parent role from where this role is cloned.
There is no reset function but you see all settings not with “default” are changed settings and are one modification.

The name of the clone is the one that I’ve deleted and it remains to be shown. I’ve already deleted the user and roles associated with the user. Apart from that I’ve also deleted the user_views.mk.
Even doing this it keeps showing…

Hi andreas-doehler,
Seems that today these views are no longer present, so I don’t know what happen since yesterday to today.

Apart from that, I’ve watched a particular thing on rules that for me doesn’t make any sense.
If I want to give an user access to a view that I’ve created, but remove the access for edit, its not possible because the option “Customize views and use them” gives access but also the edit in one single row…
So if the user then somehow destroys the view, I, as administrator will need to built it.


No if the user then edit your view he creates an own copy of your view.
If he mess up this view you can delete the view as admin inside the overview of all views and the user see’s again your version of the view.

There is a simple priority for the view that is shown to a user.

We say that the name of the view is the same.

  1. own view
  2. admin shared view
  3. user shared view
  4. system view