EMC Unity monitoring via "check_mk_emcunity"

Hi @andreas-doehler
Just wanted to let you know that I’ve installed the MKP that you provided on your Github page and that is works in combination with EMC Unity 480F XT storage.
The check itself seems a bit slow +/- 55 secs to complete, but it does work.


Hi @Steven1,

i am actually reworking this special agent and plugin because it seems not actively maintained anymore.
It’s slow because the metrics are gathered each alone in a 5 second time frame and sum up massively if you have several service processors. If you don’t need the metrics you can comment them out at the special agent.
This special agent works with all EMC products supporting the uemcli interface.

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Hey @tosch

I am willing to test if you ever need it.
Where would I be able to find the file to comment out what I don’t need?

[EDIT] Please let me know when the new version would go live or tell me where I can follow that

Thanks again!

You will find the special agent at ~site/local/share/check_mk/agents/special/agent_emcunity and empty the dictionary metrics, this will speed up the agent:

metrics = {
#    "temp"    : {"cmd_option" : [ "/metrics/value/rt -path sp.*.platform.storageProcessorTemperature show -interval 5 -count 1 -output csv" ]},
#    "cpu"     : {"cmd_option" : [ "/metrics/value/rt -path sp.*.cpu.summary.utilization show -interval 5 -count 1 -output csv"]},

You will lose the service for temperature and cpu utilization of the service processors.

The check dropped by 10 seconds, which is more manageable indeed. (runtime now is around 51 secs)

I am looking forward to the new version :slight_smile:

You can additionally disable all the checks in the special agent you don’t need. Any check is a call against the API and take some time. If you have a lot of luns or file systems it produces a really long output which takes this time. If you don’t need this information, just comment them out like the metrics.

Do you monitoring EMC devices by checkmk ? How can add EMC devices to checkmk ? Would you please help me ?