Emcunity300: on CheckMK2.0

We have upgraded checkMK2.0, after that we are not able to monitor EMC Unity Storage.
I can see the plugin also installed “emcunity300”

Also I can see all bunch of Plugin are there, but not sure how to use it.

Setup > Services > Catalog of check plugins > Appliances, other dedicated > HardwareStorage (filers, SAN, tape libs) >

EMC Unity Storage: Status Batteries emcunity_battery emcunity
EMC Unity Storage: Status Disk Processor Enclosure emcunity_dpe emcunity
EMC Unity Storage: Status Disks emcunity_disk emcunity
EMC Unity Storage: Status Fans emcunity_fan emcunity
EMC Unity Storage: Status FibreChannel emcunity_fc emcunity
EMC Unity Storage: Status Memory emcunity_memory emcunity
EMC Unity Storage: Status Powersupply emcunity_pwrsupply emcunity
EMC Unity Storage: Status SSDs emcunity_ssd emcunity
EMC Unity Storage: Status Storage Processor emcunity_sp emcunity
EMC Unity Storage: Zone Temperatures emcunity_temp emcunity

I think this special agent is an extra installed mkp package.
Can you take a look at the folder “~/local/share/check_mk/agents/special/” if there is something inside.
Also it would be good to make a “cmk -D emchostname” to get the current special agent call.
This must then be tested on the command line as i think you get some errors there.

Hi Andreas
thanks for the your feedback.
there is nothing in the folder
OMD[london]:~$ ls -al ~/local/share/check_mk/agents/special/
total 0
drwxrwxr-x 2 london london 6 May 3 17:57 ./
drwxrwxr-x 6 london london 63 Apr 28 10:15 …/

however when I run “cmk -D emchostname”

OMD[london]:~$ cmk -D emchostname

Addresses: 10.xx.xx.xx
Tags: [1:E2], [2:INF], [21:EMC], [address_family:ip-v4-only], [agent:cmk-agent], [ip-v4:ip-v4], [piggyback:auto-piggyback], [site:london], [snmp_ds:no-snmp], [tcp:tcp]
Host groups: INF, E2
Contact groups: check-mk-notify
Agent mode: Normal Checkmk agent, or special agent if configured
Type of agent:
Program: /omd/sites/london/share/check_mk/agents/special/agent_emcunity -u ‘london’ -p ‘********’ ‘10.xx.xx.xx’
Process piggyback data from /omd/sites/london/tmp/check_mk/piggyback/emchostname
checktype item params description groups

check_mk_agent_update None {} Check_MK Agent

This is what I get while rescan from UI

Your first output looks ok - no own special agent. But the error message in the web UI says something else. It looks like that there is something :slight_smile:
What happens on your command line with “cmk --debug -vvn emchostname”?

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I think that you’ve installed this package: Checkmk Exchange
The repository for this plugin is here: https://github.com/ImTheLucKyOne/check_mk_emcunity/issues/24.


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Yeah, I have check on another site and there “cmk -D emchostname” as expected and check in UI showing pending.

OMD[canada]:~$ cmk --debug -vvn emchostname
Checkmk version 2.0.0p3
Try license usage history update.
Try aquire lock on /omd/sites/canada/var/check_mk/license_usage/next_run
Got lock on /omd/sites/canada/var/check_mk/license_usage/next_run
Try aquire lock on /omd/sites/canada/var/check_mk/license_usage/history.json
Got lock on /omd/sites/canada/var/check_mk/license_usage/history.json
Next run time has not been reached yet. Abort.
Releasing lock on /omd/sites/canada/var/check_mk/license_usage/history.json
Released lock on /omd/sites/canada/var/check_mk/license_usage/history.json
Releasing lock on /omd/sites/canada/var/check_mk/license_usage/next_run
Released lock on /omd/sites/canada/var/check_mk/license_usage/next_run
Loading autochecks from /omd/sites/canada/var/check_mk/autochecks/emchostname.mk

    Source: SourceType.HOST/FetcherType.TCP
    [cpu_tracking] Start [7f9c48361a30]
    Connecting via TCP to 10.xx.xx.xx:6556 (25.0s timeout)
    [cpu_tracking] Stop [7f9c48361a30 - Snapshot(process=posix.times_result(user=0.0, system=0.0, children_user=0.0, children_system=0.0, elapsed=25.009999999776483))]
    Try aquire lock on /omd/sites/canada/var/check_mk/crashes/base/302d8050-ac3d-11eb-966d-0050569e4447/crash.info
    Got lock on /omd/sites/canada/var/check_mk/crashes/base/302d8050-ac3d-11eb-966d-0050569e4447/crash.info
    Releasing lock on /omd/sites/canada/var/check_mk/crashes/base/302d8050-ac3d-11eb-966d-0050569e4447/crash.info
    Released lock on /omd/sites/canada/var/check_mk/crashes/base/302d8050-ac3d-11eb-966d-0050569e4447/crash.info
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “/omd/sites/canada/bin/cmk”, line 98, in
    exit_status = modes.call("–check", None, opts, args)
    File “/omd/sites/canada/lib/python3/cmk/base/modes/init.py”, line 69, in call
    return handler(*handler_args)
    File “/omd/sites/canada/lib/python3/cmk/base/modes/check_mk.py”, line 1632, in mode_check
    return checking.do_check(
    File “/omd/sites/canada/lib/python3/cmk/base/decorator.py”, line 37, in wrapped_check_func
    status, infotexts, long_infotexts, perfdata = check_func(hostname, *args, **kwargs)
    File “/omd/sites/canada/lib/python3/cmk/base/checking.py”, line 195, in do_check
    fetcher_messages = list(
    File “/omd/sites/canada/lib/python3/cmk/base/checkers/_checkers.py”, line 246, in fetch_all
    raw_data = source.fetch()
    File “/omd/sites/canada/lib/python3/cmk/base/checkers/_abstract.py”, line 162, in fetch
    with self._make_fetcher() as fetcher:
    File “/omd/sites/canada/lib/python3/cmk/fetchers/_base.py”, line 189, in enter
    File “/omd/sites/canada/lib/python3/cmk/fetchers/tcp.py”, line 75, in open
    socket.timeout: timed out

I made some quick conversation as an pull request to the original repository mentioned from @kdeutsch
As you can read there i cannot test further as i have no access to an EMC Unity.

I have run and compare the emcunity plugin on checkMK 1.6 and checkMK2.0.
the same plugin running as expected and also giving the same output at CLI.
But when it comes to UI , in new CheckMK all the LUN related services are showing “Check faild”
emc_plugin_output.txt (2.9 KB)

If you can sent me a complete agent output as private message i can have a look what needs to be done.
The first step is done with the special agent. It is nice to hear that it is working.

I checked with your short of output of this single LUN and got no error.

I have attached file and sent you as pvt message.

Ok i will take a look - LUN is working but some other checks are crashed :smiley:
Like PSU, Battery and Memory Module

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Do you need crash report for these services/checks?

All ok - here is a version of the mkp that gives no error message at my test system.



Can you check the downloaded file? It is working here.
I uploaded and installed the file without problem.

Thank you Andreas, It is working for, it was my bad I have not download properly.