Enhancment for Rule "Write long output of services to monitoring history"

We are using local checks and using the option “Don’t escape HTML codes (insecure)”. Our output ist about 40k long.
We are now using the feature “Write long output of services to monitoring history”. When displaying the column: “Log Entries: Log: complete message” we have to problems:

  1. The complete massage is displayed in escaped format with all   and is likely unreadable.
  2. Because of the 40k long output the log history gets very huge.

My proposals to solve this are:

  1. Use the same format for output as you use for “Services: Long output of check plugin (multiline)” which is unescaped in my view.
  2. Show only a link in the history log which leads to the “Log Entries: Log: complete message” in the apropriate format.

Would be nice to have this feature in an upcoming checkmk version.

Kind Regards