ERROR Cannot activate changes. Another activation process is currently in progresss


We have a problem with one of our slaves. It does not allow to activate changes, it seems to be blocked.

The master as well as the nodes are in Raw version 1.5.0p25.
The failing slave has 40000 services and 800 hosts.

We have tried everything we have seen on this forum with no results.


  • omd stop ; cmk --debug -vvR ; omd start ; cmk --debug --vvR
  • stopping the service, disabling the service etc.
  • remove directory ~/tmp/check_mk/wato/activation/
  • remove replication_changes…

This is a major roadblock. Any ideas?

Thank you for your help.

I update:

If I stop the site and launch cmk --debug -vvR it gets stuck at Restarting monitoring core…

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