Error with temperature on ubuntu 18.04


I have a new installed Ubuntu 18.04 on an Intel NUC and I got an checkmk crash report while getting the tempratures.

UnicodeDecodeError ('ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xc2 in position 10: ordinal not in range(128))

The output would be:

  'output': u'OK - 50.0 \xb0C|temp=50;95;100;;', 

The server is on Ubuntu 18.04, too. Has anyone seen this before?
Python Version is 2.7.16

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I can add some new informations here. If I discover services on that hsot, everything is shown correctly. Only the normal service view has this problem.

One question first. What plugin/check is this?

Crash Report Details:

‘now’: 1577102674.470936,
‘output’: u’OK - 50.0 \xb0C|temp=50;95;100;;’,
‘service’: u’Temperature Zone 0’,
‘state’: 0}

Agent Output:


Hello, I’m having the exact same problem…

I even updated check_mk to 1.6.0p8 and it still has the issue… The exact problem seems to be:

UnicodeDecodeError ('ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xc2 in position 8: ordinal not in range(128))

File “/omd/sites/prod/lib/python/cmk_base/”, line 54, in wrapped_check_func
status, infotexts, long_infotexts, perfdata = check_func(hostname, *args, **kwargs)
File “/omd/sites/prod/lib/python/cmk_base/”, line 111, in do_check
_do_all_checks_on_host(sources, host_config, ipaddress, only_check_plugin_names)
File “/omd/sites/prod/lib/python/cmk_base/”, line 247, in _do_all_checks_on_host
File “/omd/sites/prod/lib/python/cmk_base/”, line 367, in execute_check
File “/omd/sites/prod/lib/python/cmk_base/”, line 586, in _submit_check_result
_do_submit_to_core(host, servicedesc, state, infotext + perftext, cached_at, cache_interval)
File “/omd/sites/prod/lib/python/cmk_base/”, line 616, in _do_submit_to_core
_submit_via_check_result_file(host, service, state, output)
File “/omd/sites/prod/lib/python/cmk_base/”, line 640, in _submit_via_check_result_file
“”" % (host, cmk_base.utils.make_utf8(service), now, now, state, cmk_base.utils.make_utf8(output)))

Local Variables:
{‘host’: u’mirror61-obb’,
‘now’: 1579087389.142381,
‘output’: u’OK - 29 \xb0C|temp=29;45;50;;’,
‘service’: u’Temperature SMART TOSHIBA_DT01ACA300_Z39GH2UGS’,
‘state’: 0}

How can I fix this?.. Without it this servers are not being correctly monitored…