ESXi Host State StandBy

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I got a quite simple request I assume.


I want to able to map the “StandBy” state of an ESXi Host to a state in checkmk other than UNKN. Obviously this is not possible, although other states can be mapped. This is not a huge problem for me but I think the implementation would be positively recognized by all vSphere admins and operators as “StandBy” is not a UNKN state really.

Feature Description

The ruleset State of ESX hosts and virtual machines should be able to map a “StandBy” state of an ESXi host to another state than UNKN. Preferably this would be freely configurable, as there are use cases, where a “StandBy” state is a WARN or an OK state, or maybe even a CRIT state.

I found these posts in the German archives, just for reference:

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Hi @thorian93,

I made some changes to original checks in esx_vsphere_hostsystem to support this. You may want to give it a try, but I won’t support/fix/whatever this. Here it works very well (cmk 1.6, vSphere 6.7).

Some doc:



we trigger a downtime with a vcenter action when the host is put into standby or maintainance mode and remove those when it comes back.

the downtime wrapper script is here:

the alarm rule looks like this

but i really like the approach of @ttr! i have to try this out :slight_smile:
ciao matthias

Hi @ttr and thanks for that, looks like a quite nice solution. I would love to see it in the base functionality of checkmk but I assume other issues are more pressing.

I will give your solution a try, thanks a lot!

Hi @mace and thanks for your answer. I see the approach but I would rather solve this from checkmk without interacting with the vSphere admins. Not that I don’t like them, I myself was one, but the solution of @ttr looks more scalable and easier to handle for me.