Event Co-relation with Check_MK

Hi All,

We planning to work on event co-relation and wanted to check if it is possible with Check_MK or not?
Version - 1.5.0.p23

Please guide me on this.

Thanks in advance.

Please a bit more Information`s

Events can be handel by the EC


Thanks. But this URL shows me about Event Console. I’m looking for Event Co-relation.

the question is , what would you like to correlate? If you want to do a state base correlation for a single event, you can use the normal ruleset. If you want to correlate two ore more different events with each other, you need to write a litte script bases on the EC data. The script must be trigger in the ruleset.
The script need to run “COMMAND UPDATE”,“COMMAND DELETE” and create a new event via mkevent.
Regards, Christian

Thanks Christian for the response.
We wanted to alert on the parent node instead of having it on all the child nodes.

For Ex: We need to get alert on the ESXi node instead of getting on all the associated VM’s. so that we suppress the alerts.

Thanks, Praveen.

that is possible with Pigybackdata


or in german


Thanks for the response. I have the piggyback option enabled for the VMWare environment and the Citrix environment with the help of inbuilt plugin that we have in Check_MK.
Tried to create a BI aggregation and Nagvis Map view to visualize the Parent Child relation in order to use it for Event Co-relation but no luck.

Any thoughts on this please. How to use this.

Thanks, Praveen.

Hi Praveen,

I wrote some tools for correlation and event2live (using for BI). You will find the code here:
[https://checkmk.de/check_mk-exchange-file.php?&file=act-mkeventd-1.4.0p31.mkp](http://ITSM Event Console)
This is for Version 1.4 and you have to look at correlation.py and the checks for event2live. You need to change some files to use it in 1.6, but it could be helpful for you to find an solution.

Regards, Christian