Event Console message processing


I have a small isue with the Event Console I can not explain…

I have 2 servers (1 ubuntu, 1 windows) both configures to send events from a custom logfile using port 514 to send events strait to the EC.

As I test I use these 2 echo commands:
echo "$(date +’%b %d %T’) $(hostname) Testapp: 504 — received a Error " >> /var/log/test.log on ubuntu
echo Jan 10 09:53 ns02ett20904a Testapp: 504 - received a Error >> c:/Logs/app.log on windows.

Now, I would expect to see both messages in the same way on the EC, but what I see is:
Host Rule Application Message Last Cnt.
ns02lbs20904a E504 Testapp 504 — received a Error (for the ubuntu machine)
E504 Testapp Jan 10 09:53 ns02ett20904a Testapp: 504 - received a Error

So the hostname is not extracted from the windows event. Sending with of without quotes in windows makes no difference.

I do use nxlog on windows to do the actual sending…

Anyone seen this before?
Should I be using the event log monitor and forward those event to the EC in stead for windows machines?

Thanx for reading and hopefully helping :wink:


Well, took some time but managed to resolve this myself… so for anyone who might run into this issue:

Turns out that even syslogs have several formats. Check_Mk seems to like the BSD format and after wrestling with config files and dumping tcp input from 514, I manged to configure NXLog to use function to_syslog_bsd();. After restarting the windows NXLog service, things started working.

Not sure if allowed, but worth a read
Some good syslog info: Syslog Tutorial: How It Works, Examples, Best Practices, and More – Stackify
NXLog bsd info: https://nxlog.co/documentation/nxlog-user-guide/xm_syslog.html