Expiration / timed acknowledgement and downtime


As I’m updating my curses checkmk client checkmk-commander to work with Checkmk 2.0 I see it is no longer possible to set expiration on ack and downtime. Why has this been removed? It breaks my entire workflow and I have to consider if checkmk still suits me at all.

It’s very easy to forget acked services. Are there any workarounds? Adding a time stamp in the comment, and create a service to look for and remove expired acks?

The new REST-API seems to not have the feature to set an expiration time on acknowledgements. Downtimes sure have and end_time.

But I am quite sure you can still use the old Multisite API to ack services for now.

And send a mail to feedback@checkmk.com that a crucial feature is missing in the REST API.