Extending mk_postgres


I’d like to add a few additional queries to mk_postgres. I already added a new query which is printed in the agent output in a new <<<postgres_myquery>>> section.
I can see the output of my query when I run mk_postgres locally and also when I do also see it in the agent response when I run the connection test to the host in checkmk.

But the new output never shows up as a service in the discovery. Only the default postgres services show up. I couldn’t find a way to add any rules based on the queryresult or just show the result somewhere.

I’m obviously missing something. Can you please point me into the right direction.
Of cause I could write a completely new check but to me it would make more sense to add a few application specific queries to the postgres_mk.py instead starting from scratch…

Thank you very much!

Solved, I found now that one has to add a plugin to
for every added section in the original plugin.