Fastest way to deploy and register new 2.1.0 check_mk windows agent for multiple hosts?

we have 20+ hosts running the older check_mk agent for Windows.
I followed the steps section 3 & 4 at Monitoring Windows - The new agent for Windows in detail
to manually install and register one server/agent – so far so good

what is the fastest way to deal with this for 20+ hosts?
I see section 4.5 documents registration by proxy, but is this simply

  • run cmk-agent-ctl proxy-register (with necessary parameters) to generate a host-specific JSON file
  • log into each host
  • install new agent and then import the host-specific JSON file via cmdline?

seems like a lot of repetitive steps, am I missing something?

Depending on the means you have at your disposal you could automate deployment.
However this type of automation goes well beyond the scope of ‘getting monitoring in place’/ the CMK way of monitoring.

I myself use Ansible , which is usable for both Windows and Linux hosts.

Besides all those nifty features with cmk-agent-ctl-proxy* , i still want all communications regarding CMK to take place over SSH, this is the only port i will and can allow … so all other means of communication offered by the CMK-agent will be made impossible, and the services as introduced ( and now i am talking linux) will be disabled/killed after install.

  • Glowsome

For our Windows hosts in AD ~200, we have scripts that can be executet remote.
And for our ~250 POS systems outside AD we use “OCS Inventory NG” to deploy the scripts.
OCS is also on all of our AD clients :wink:
Of course, for OCS first you have also to roll out the agent… on our POS we did it one by one in the good old admin way by “hand”, but you only have to do it once :wink: and after that have fun :slight_smile:

You connect remotely using Powershell if you don’t have system center or any other automatic deployment… Just create a text file and loop it thought.

Of you do what I do - I place a powershell script on a fileserver that all my windows hosts can run and that

  • Downloads the agent from agent bakery (Enterprise)
  • installed the agents
  • Uses the API to check what site host is monitored on
  • Get the FQDN to that site using the WebAPI
  • does TLS registration
  • does gent update registration

Takes 10 sec to do all steps :slight_smile: