Feature request: DCD: Make the client more useful


I’ve been maintaining and extending a DCD plugin for some while. When implementing new features I often find the client you have access to as part of a plugin very limiting. (It is the cmk.cee.dcd.plugins.connectors.connectors_api.v1.Connector. _web_api in case anyone is wondering).

Right now the client can only access a limited subset of the old HTTP API. This means you sometimes have to work around these limitations, for example to get the hosttags.
I think it would be great if the client could access the complete REST API.

This would make it more powerful and allows moving the plugins forward. We could implement more things with this and also have the possibility to use modern methods like bulk host creation that are a lot faster than the old API.



all for it - I think the DCD can be used for any type of CMDB sync… once it’s powerfull enough :slight_smile:
And it would make sense to keep things in the DCD instead of having external tools calling the rest-api


Yes, for performance reasons as well as feature limits i definitely agree with you. And since the old web api will probably be deprecated in the future, we will need a replacement anyway.