Feature request; new "informational" state

Hi Check mk (community),

I would like the raise a feature request for check mk.

We are looking for a new “informational” state which should be below critical, unkown\unreachable, warning and ok, and then “informational”.

Currently we have warnings which are beind ignored because it really isn’t a real warning (for us).
For example “uptime since last reboot”.

We configured rules where we want to reboot hosts every 30 days but sometimes it isn’t possible or it should be a informational message for the feature.
Beside above reason it can be used for much more.

Ideally it should be the color gray but that is already in use for the state pending.
Maybe white or something like blue should be a great one.

Thanks in advance.

Best to place feature requests on the specific portal:

Thanks for the quick reply, i didn’t know that existed.
I raised a request there.

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