Find device or IP address using MAC address

I am using the program version: Checkmk RAW Edition 2.0.0p24 (Ubuntu Linux).

Is this possible to find host or device by MAC address?

mybe using

but I don t know if this feature is part of the cre version.
You can export the informations using a view.
But first you need the agent on every system.
With type of system are you searching (hardware or vm )?

yes there are two solutions for this:

  1. Without using HW/SW-inventory: Monitor > Service search > Summary (plugin output): Enter your MAC address in this field > Apply filters
  2. Using HW/SW inventory: Monitor > Inventory > Search network interfaces > Network interface: Physical address (MAC)


The first solution works good, but I see only the MAC addresses of the interfaces that are on my switches.

Can I see the MAC addresses of the clients that are connected to the switches?

This is not so easy. You need a HW/SW inventory plugin that collects the connected devices from the MAC table of the switch.

Can you write something more?

Do I need to install a special plugin or create a specific rules?

the logfiles if your switch should give you an answer.
What is the exact problem you try to solve?

do you know these plugins:


These are only plugins to save the known LLDP and CDP neighbors but not the real clients. Mostly you only see connected other switches or APs this way.

I installed plugins by the console.

# omd su monitor
# mkp install <package>

Where I can activate these plugins? - I can’t find these options after installation.

just tested … the plugins are not compatible with CMK 2.0.0p24 :frowning:


Thanks for you reply.

How did you test these plugins? I installed without errors.

I installed via Web GUI in the Enterprise Edition and got error messages.


For CDP and LLDP inventory you can use.