Fortigate Firewall Session Limits

My Firewall supports a maximum of 12000000 sessions. I am getting warning alerts due to default session threshold values. I created a rule for the plugin to set higher limit of sessions for the specific firewall, the newly added rule seems to be not working.

WARN - 100532 Sessions (warn/crit at 100000/150000)

I see blank graph at the moment for active sessions. How can we fix this issue?

First can you show the defined rule and how the normal output looks like of this check.
Inside WATO you can also test if your rule is working if you enable the option “show check parameters”.

Rule is working and the current problem is the graph is blank.

please check that you get data from the system. In your screenshot the service is stale. Than have a look at the pnp4nagios logs and web.log for errors.

I never did this before, can you share the CLI commands to check the logs?

Fyi, i am using [Checkmk Raw Edition 1.6.0p12]

You will find the logs in $OMD_ROOT/var/logs. You can use less or vim to look in it.