Getting a Switch interface's name or description

Hello everyone,

I’m new to CMK and I’m configuring my first Switch to monitor.
I followed the video on this link FOSDEM 2021 - Large-scale Network Monitoring: 3 Rules to Rule Them All
the think is, even after creating the tag and discovery rule, I still can’t get the interface’s name or description.

it still looks like I’m getting the index.

you have to create the rule “Network interface and switch port discovery”. In this rule you have to change the “Appearance of network interfaces” either to “Use alias” or to “Use description”.

After saving the rule and activating the changes … don’t forget to do a discovery for this host :slight_smile:


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Hello Kdeutsch
I did create 2 rules. 1 for alias and a second one for description

In your first screenshot there the first two interfaces are shown with the “alias”.
What you see in brackets in the right side is the interface description.
For the rule creation you need to keep in mind that only the first rule who matches an interface will win.
In the screenshot the vlan and port-channel interfaces have no alias set but where found by your first discovery rule. If you want to use the description on these interfaces instead of the alias then your alias must only match for the first two interfaces. You can modify the rule that it only matches specific interface types or also you can match on the alias or description with regex.

Example from one of my systems.