Google Cloud Integration and New Documentation | October Community Call

25th October 2022 | 13:00 CET / 7:00 AM EST / 7:00 PM AWST | Timezone converter | Join via Zoom | YouTube livestream |Add to your calendar

Hello Community,
We’ve got some great news!

We did not have a September Community Call – instead we prepared something very special for this month’s call: we will have not 1 but 2 topics presented by 3 amazing experts from Checkmk team!

  • First, Thomas Lippert will present Google Cloud integration in Checkmk;
  • Then Max Linke will show a demo of how it works;
  • Last but not least, Marcel Arentz will present the new documentation.

You can join our Zoom call and ask questions directly or join the livestream on YouTube and send us the questions in the chat – whatever you find more convenient!

As always, the recording will wait for you after the stream is over, if you are interested in the topic and for some reason cannot join us live.

Looking forward to seeing you all!

Upd from Sara: Let’s have a small contest! Please send your question about documentation in this thread: it can be about the content of our documentation or about the practices we have in place when it comes to documentation. The best question will receive a nice souvenir from Checkmk! And of course, there will be an answer :slight_smile:


Hello Sara,

So great news, many thanks.
Can you provide me the access to your time machine so that I can travel back in time to August 2022.
I hope the flux capacitor has enough energy to do the travel :wink:




I wish I had one myself :blush: I bet we could monitor it with Checkmk and have one more community call on the topic!
Thank you for catching this, already fixed!

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When a topic is made into a banner, it would be nice if the banner contains a link to the topic. Saves a little bit of searching for the topic. (-:


Questions regarding to docs:

  • Structure is changed. Will links from help of old versions of checkmk redirect to the new docs structure?
  • Is the docs search externally reachable? See this feature for use case.
  • Does the new search support boolean operators?
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Hi Yggy,

thanks for your response/your questions. I will try to answer them as best as possible:

  • Links of a Checkmk version always go to the specific version you are using. We will implement the new TOC into the 2.1.0 and upcoming versions, only. But mainly, the answer is: Yes, as the link refers to the article, which is independent of the TOC
  • Yes, it’s possible, to reach the search from externally as it is added into the URL. We may implement it into Checkmk itself as well as other places (e.g. the forum: “Let me google that for you”)
  • Currently, we did not want to feature-overload the search. Operators are possible. Let’s see, if and how we can implement them in a intuitive usable way.

Thanks for answering. (-:

Maybe a way to add more features to search is to have actually 2 search options.
The basic ‘current’ one which untouched gives quick results.
Other one to refine your search with advanced options, maybe similar to how forum offers it: Search results for '' - Checkmk Community

We actually already made more changes to the search than Marcel presented in the community call. On the docs side adding query parameters is now fully supported. Please use origin=… wisely.

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Operators are available. Basically it’s + (force inclusion of keyword), - (force exclusion of keyword), ^ (weighting) and ~ (fuzziness) as described here: Searching : Lunr We’ll probably add a help box explaining these options.

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