Graph vSphere cluster memory PERCENTAGE

How can I create a graph of the PERCENTAGE of memory used for my vSphere cluster? The percentage is shown in the long output, but the only graph provided is absolute RAM used.

Management wants graphs to show resources are not at risk of running out and percentage would be make more sense for that.

Hi @lance,

the percentage value is calculated inside the check to get a more human readable value to display for check output. If you scroll down in your view you get the raw performance data gathered from the vSphere agent.

You can use this performance data to design your own graphs (custom graphs) to use on dashboards and so on:

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Thanks… I never noticed the “fraction” option before. Unfortunately, I got a bunch of python errors on the one I tried… but I will continue to experiment with this as I’m pretty certain it’ll give me what I want if I get past the errors.

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I got the hang of this now and it’s pretty neat… You need to select two metrics to do the calculation on… which I didn’t realize before.

thanks, this helps a bunch!

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