Graphs and custom units (KB/KiB, MB/MiB, ...)

It would seem that CheckMK only allows for ‘Bytes’ as Unit for it’s Graphs. Is there a way to add ‘KiloBytes/KibiBytes’, ‘MegaBytes/MebiBytes’, etc… (like Grafana)?

  • Using CheckMK 2.0.0p23 (CFE)

May you provide some more details about what check you complain and where you miss these units?

Checkmk definitely support not only Bytes:

This depends on the graph definition.

Or how the check is written:



Of course,

It’s regarding a Custom Graph of the Performance Data of an ‘Integrated Nagios Plugin’.

The plugin returns metrics in MiB, not in Bytes.

Since the Unit is in ‘Bytes’, the graph is all wrong reporting a Total of just above 1GB whereas it’s considerably more than that in real life.

As you can see from the second screenshot, only Bytes are available.

If I look in at the metric definition I also cannot see bit, only bit/s. Really wondering why its not there.

Has anyone else an explanation why bit is nit in the unit definition file?

The check plugins need to return metrics in the base unit. Checkmk uses base units and the graphs may scale these to MB, GB or TB.

You may need to change the check plugin to multiply the metric by 1024 * 1024.

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Shouldn’t this be handled in the presentation layer?

I’m mildly disappointed of the very few options CheckMK provides here. And because of that, I need to modify pretty much all plugins + Grafana graphs that depend on these metrics?

Just look at the proper amount of options in Grafana:

CheckMK on the other hand only provides 1 option: “Bytes”… that isn’t being serious…

I do think that storing all metrics in base units makes things way much simpler.

Just to clarify, If I well understood the TO´s plugin sends the data in bit and not in byte.
@jvns Correct?

mike1098, actually the plugin reports back the data in Mebibytes (MiB).

Hello, sorry for late reply.
Basically an official answer from Tribe29 would be needed.
I can only assume that in order to be able to consolidate the rules etc. a decision was made that only byte is supported and all plugins have to convert to bytes.

Sorry but I cannot help further.

Thanks mike1098.

I would surely like an official answer :slight_smile:
Maybe the option to have “user-generated custom unit plugins” maybe? :wink:

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