GUI suggestion: Icons -> Actions

On a 1.6p16 instance.

As shown below, Icons should be renamed as Actions.

Is there a story why the column header named as Icons ?

The only thing I can think of… I-C-O-N-S (5 letters) A-C-T-I-O-N-S (7 letters)

One of the biggest problems with dashboards is figuring out how to make both a “clear” and also “compact” design, as the two items sometimes work against each other.

IMHO, 5 vs 7 letters is a weak argument, since we have “Status detail” as column head also.

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Maybe, but consider the Icons column by default holds tiny item(s). Where Status Detail is going to contain much larger content (generally speaking). It’s just a UI thing.

Tables are wonderful things, but can cause such issues in a UI.

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Not to be picky, but shouldn’t 1st column head - “state” be “State” ?

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It is very easy - not all “Icons” are actions. If i open a graph this is no action.
The same for some other icons. If you can select a icon to quickset a downtime then it would be an action.
Action in monitoring context means that something is done and not only shown.


If i open a graph this is no action.

Open is an verb/action, isn’t it ?
Anyway, this is just an friendly suggestion from a new CRE user.
And there is no agreeing Vote. :grinning:

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No :slight_smile: you must think inside the monitoring context, not if you as a person do an action.