Happy SysAdmin Day!

Dear Checkmk Community,

Today is your day: Happy SysAdmin Appreciation Day!

Thanks for ensuring that the IT infrastructure is always up and running. Here’s to YOU! :clinking_glasses:

The past year was pretty interesting for all of us; The pandemic brought significant changes to the workplace, and IT teams played a critical role in making that happen. Offices around the world have started opening up for their employees, but management teams are aware that they cannot completely return to their setup that they have always been used to.

On this year’s SysAdmin Day, we want to find out the current trends in the system administration field and what the community thinks about the future of work; Will organizations completely return to the office or are they heading in the direction of a hybrid workplace? Share your perspective with us. When you participate, you’ll have the option to join our raffle and get a chance to win a Raspberry Pi or Yubikey!

Participate in the survey here.
(Raffle mechanics and other content around the SysAdmin Day can be found here.)

Happy monitoring!



As one of the prizes is a Raspberry Pi, will there be an official port of checkmk to this platform? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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